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Range Rover Lips Kit Install -

A pretty tired looking Range Rover Sport rolled into our auto centre, previously booked for the facelift works. RT Performance produces our own front and rear lips for standard edition Range Rover Sports and this particular one was definitely looking for some attention.

RT staff started off by removing trims and lights to gain access removing the bumpers. At RT we always try removing panels when prepping or spraying, this ensures a better quality finish every time.

Once the bumpers are off, we tried the lips on and confirmed they fit nicely. Since Range Rover’s parking sensors are positioned just behind the lip, we had to mark their position and precision-drill out the right size holes. The rear bumper had to be trimmed around the exhaust plastics because later on we would be introducing different exhaust tips.

After the lips were prepped for priming, they were bonded to the bumpers using a special body kit sealant. Whilst the adhesive was drying, there was more work needed doing. Front lip has two holes cut out on each side, these take nicely 70mm LED day running lights. We have wired these in to the side lights switch. Then the newly-modified bumpers went into the spraying oven to be masked up, primed and sprayed. We’re always careful when baking fibreglass, it is not resistant to heat like plastic or metal car panels.

The next day it was time to try on the bumpers. We started off by connecting front bumper parking sensors and putting spot lights in place. A quick test made sure everything works fine. On a rear bumper, we had to introduce upgraded exhaust tips. First off old exhaust was cut short, we then put the bumper back on the car, test fitted new exhaust tips and spot-welded them in place. Once bumper came off again, these were welded in properly. Then, parking sensors were connected and rear bumper fixed. Before the collection, the Range Rover received a clean & shine treatment and we were very pleased with the transformation. So was the owner when we revealed the car to him. Another customized car leaving our London’s auto centre with a fresh look.

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