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Hemi V8 Chrysler 300 – full body wrap and customization -

This 430bhp V8 HEMI sounds mean and we wanted to make it look mean too. There was only one colour for this American muscle car – matt black.

We started off by taking its huge 20’s off and giving them to the hands of our powder-coating pro. At RT-Performance centre we like to break colours up when customizing cars so we had them powdercoated in gloss black

Next in line was dismounting body panels, badges, trims and lights. Just like with any other car wrapping job we had all panel cleaned to ensure there was no dirt left that would cause contamination.

Chrysler 300 has a lot of flat surfaces but has many distinct angles and not many smooth curves. Therefore, vinyl wrapping this car required some skill. Front bumper has mostly 90 degree bends that cause vinyl to reach its stretching limits. Great deal of thought should be put in when manoeuvring around these angles. There are many small vents in the lower part of front bumper. They are quite deep and require to be wrapped using separate pieces of vinyl. If tried wrapping with a single piece too much tension builds up from over-stretching and later causes car vinyl to lift off. When wrapping this bumper, we had to think of a way to join pieces of vinyl to reduce or eliminate visibility of joints. This Hemi engined Chrysler has had rear bumper and one of rear doors re-sprayed previously, so we had to watch out for the potentially weak lacquer area when applying car wrap.

Precision cutting is important when trimming off vinyl in places such as wheel arch trims. There were permanently stuck onto the car and a safe approach was chosen to keep these in place and wrap around them. Door handles were off the car and have been wrapped in matt black vinyl too.

Whilst car was being vinyl wrapped, our professional windows tinter worked on re-tinting rear view window with high quality 20 per cent tinting film. Two front windows were tinted using 35 per cent film.

Next in line was de-chroming the car. When the special ordered grill arrived from the USA, we had it prepped and sprayed in matt colour. Chromed trims around the windows we had been vinyl wrapped in matt black colour to match the car. Another high precision vinyl wrapping task involves cutting against car’s body and trims.

To finish off the matt black concept, we have tinted side indicators, rear fog lights and taillights. US style number plates went on underlining car’s American heritage. In the end, average looking Chrysler was now a true looking “mean machine”. Simply stunning!

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