Accident Repair Centre and your car

We all hate when something wrong happens to our cars, from small dents and scratches to more serious accidents. Whether it is your fault or not, it is always unpleasant circumstance and normally ends up being a stressful process. If you choose for your car to be repaired by insurance recommended accident repair centre, most […]

Ford F150 Raptor Body Work Correction

Two main reasons why this Ford Raptor F150 came through the doors of our London based body shop are Hate Crime and small width of UK roads. For less than two years old vehicle, there was way too much body work damage. Driver’s side has had a key mark throughout both doors, front wing and […]

Ford Transit – Fanta Wrap

It is a known fact the car advertising is very effective. Whether it is car or van graphics your vehicle will definitely attract some attention. Large companies like Coca-Cola use van wrapping to promote their products. Current vinyl wrapping job is for Ford Transit van promoting new Fanta drink. Printing custom vinyl is also done […]