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Accident Repair Centre and your car -

We all hate when something wrong happens to our cars, from small dents and scratches to more serious accidents. Whether it is your fault or not, it is always unpleasant circumstance and normally ends up being a stressful process.

If you choose for your car to be repaired by insurance recommended accident repair centre, most of the times results of finished repairs would be unsatisfactory. Insurance companies choose a type of body shop which can turnaround large quantities of car repairs in a short period of time, yet paying these centres ridiculously low labour rate. Obviously, the general rule of “what you pay is what you get” applies here too. However, a customer believes repairs are being done with greatest care because the body shop directly works with insurance company. Such change occurred in recent years and it seems to be working well for car insurers. How about your interests? Do you want to collect your car completed after a crash repair and find that it was not done to your expectation because the body shop had to rush in order to maintain their targets?

Who can do your car body work repairs?

Lucky enough there is a solution that not many people are aware of. Evidently, it is your right to choose for your vehicle to be repaired at an accident repair centre of your choice. It doesn’t have to in collaboration with any insurance company. Whether it is a local garage with good reputation or car repairs shop recommended by a friend, only you can make a final call who will be repairing your car. At the end of the day, it is you who pays high premium for your insurance every year!

How does RT Performance handle Car Repairs with insurance involvement?

At RT Performance, we happily welcome all insurance claims and we ensure all aspects of car body repairs are followed thoroughly. Our accident repair centre is approved by VBRA and we follow appropriate techniques for a successful car repair. Our extensive profile of structural and cosmetic repairs to accident damaged cars proves the quality of standards we aim to achieve.

Our accident repair centre and non-fault accidents

What if it’s not your fault? Well, same principle really. Third party insurers will do their best to make sure they get hold of your car as soon as possible, just to keep away Non-fault Accident Claim companies. These companies work in collaboration with some private garages and their job is to ensure that your case is being treated in correct manner, your car will be repaired like it should and that you will have a hassle-free experience during your car body repairs.

RT Performance collaborates with such company and they make non fault accident claim experiences heavenly, easy and pleasant for the customer.

Once it’s been established that the accident is definitely not your fault, all you have to do is call RT Performance, provide some details and sit back and relax whilst your vehicle is being repaired. You will be given a like-for like vehicle replacement within 24hours and you will not have to call even once for an update.

This company also successfully processes any injury related claims.

To conclude, next time you face the unpleasant experience of a car accident, remember that you can call RT Performance accident repair centre for a free, non-obligation advice on best approach towards your car body repairs and insurance claim.

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