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Accident Repair Centre and your car

We all hate when something wrong happens to our cars, from small dents and scratches to more serious accidents. Whether it is your fault or not, it is always unpleasant circumstance and normally ends up being a stressful process. If you choose for your car to be repaired by insurance recommended accident repair centre, most […]

370z – From nothing to something (Part 2)

When we finished first part of our blog on restoration of this Nissan 370z, the car was just after primed stage and there was still lots of work needed doing. For example, the carbon fibre bonnet that we purchased from a foreign supplier did not fit. It didn’t have the right curvature, it was too […]

BMW X5 colour coding, wheels refurb & window tinting

As with most cars on the market, BMW x5 comes in a variety of specifications and trims. This is sometimes due to the fact of different consumer taste but mainly for the capacity of manufacturers to earn higher margins when selling all extra advantages of higher spec models. The black x5 that came to RT-Performance […]

BMW 335i M-sport convertible – styling customization

This brand new white 3 series came in to our body shop in standard condition. As with most of our clients, the idea was to customize the looks of this BMW, making it stand out. In this case we advised to create a black/white theme for this BMW. RTP bodyshop guys have started with powdercoating […]

Ferrari F430 – Professionally Tinted Windows

When this Ferrari f430 slid into the RT-Performance bodyshop it lip up the place and we thought “what else this car needs?”. As it turned out the owner was looking for some privacy and wanted to have his windows professionally tinted. He came to the right place. RT-Performance uses only highest quality materials whether it’s […]