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Ferrari F430 - Professionally Tinted Windows -

When this Ferrari f430 slid into the RT-Performance bodyshop it lip up the place and we thought “what else this car needs?”. As it turned out the owner was looking for some privacy and wanted to have his windows professionally tinted. He came to the right place.

RT-Performance uses only highest quality materials whether it’s for bodyworks, vehicle wrapping or windows tinting. Our professional windows tinting applicator has started off by thoroughly cleaning the windows. As with vinyl wrapping, cleaning surfaces for windows tinting is crucial. Any dirt will cause serious issues and would mean we’d have to re-apply the tinting film.

We went for 35% tinting film on front windows and 20% or rear quarters and rear view windows. Great choice for the shade of tinting film – nice mixture for visibility and privacy balance. Whilst the windows were tinted, we discussed future works with the owner over a cup of coffee. This car will be back for sound upgrade and full carbon fibre wrap. Looking forward!

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