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BMW 335i M-sport convertible – styling customization -

This brand new white 3 series came in to our body shop in standard condition. As with most of our clients, the idea was to customize the looks of this BMW, making it stand out. In this case we advised to create a black/white theme for this BMW. RTP bodyshop guys have started with powdercoating the M-sport wheels in gloss black colour.

With the wheels off the car, we had a chance to complete the tinting of all windows. We decided to go for 35% tinting film all-round, ensuring consistency in colours and shade, yet containing visibility and privacy. Getting rid of the chrome was next. Front kidney grilles have been removed and sanded down till rough surface, allowing paint to adhere. Grilles were then covered in matt black paint.

To complete our first stage of customization, 335i badge from the rear boot was removed.

The overall result was stunning – matt black grilles, gloss black alloy wheels and tinted windows against ice white body. Future work advised to the client: fitting lowering springs, wheel spacers, performance panel filters & stainless steel exhaust for performance gains, audio upgrade with custom sub-box build and a vinyl wrap in stealth matt black.

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