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BMW X5 colour coding, wheels refurb & window tinting -

As with most cars on the market, BMW x5 comes in a variety of specifications and trims. This is sometimes due to the fact of different consumer taste but mainly for the capacity of manufacturers to earn higher margins when selling all extra advantages of higher spec models.

The black x5 that came to RT-Performance for some styling advice was looking fresh but unfortunately was lacking few things to enrich its appearance. The first thing that we pointed out was bottom trims. They were looking dull against pearl black body panels of this black BMW x5. The suggestion was to colour code them to make the car look consistent. Then we offered to apply 20% Llumar film onto the rear part of x5’s windows. An ideal solution to enhance any vehicle’s appearance and provide additional protection from harmful UV lights. Since the car would be at RT auto centre for 4 days and all 4 alloy wheels were scuffed from curb marks, alloy wheel refurbishment was added to the list.

We started off by removing plastic trims and washing them thoroughly to remove general dirt and any signs of “back to black”, as it is silicone based, which is the worst possible contaminant in spraying process. Next step was to prep these trims by flattening down their surface. They need to be smooth to match car’s other body panels. Once prepped, next is priming with plastic primer, which acts as perfect bonding between plastics and automotive refinishing products. Basically, it ensures the paint will not flake or crack. We then apply standard primer to fill in corrugated surface, making it smoother even more. It is a golden body work rule – quality preparation is the essence for quality results. Once the filler is flattened, plastic trims get degreaser and moved into the spaying oven to be refinished in bmw’s original pearl black.

Alloys wheels, once removed, are getting sand blasted to remove the factory refinishing, corrosion, flaking, etc. This is the ideal way to achieve best preparation state of alloy wheels for perfect refinishing afterwards. The wheels on this BMW were refurbished in original factory silver, keeping the car looking standard but crisp.

Whilst the body work is being done, the time is not wasted and our windows tinter gets busy. First, the glass gets cleaned thoroughly because any small dust trapped under the film looks magnified and the application must be repeated.

To trim the film to the correct size, it must be laid over the outside of the glass and heated systematically to take necessary shape. Then it gets separated from the protective layer, carefully placed on the inside of the glass and pressed down with application tools. All stages are heavily lubricated with soapy water solution.

The last day was spent preparing the car for the hand in. Wheels are being put back on, trims fixed and everything checked all over again to ensure the quality is maintained throughout. The result was more than satisfactory and the pictures speak for themselves. The BMW X5 received the transformation it needed and the owner left RT Auto Centre impressed with the results.

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