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Ford F150 Raptor Body Work Correction

Two main reasons why this Ford Raptor F150 came through the doors of our London based body shop are Hate Crime and small width of UK roads. For less than two years old vehicle, there was way too much body work damage. Driver’s side has had a key mark throughout both doors, front wing and […]

370z – From nothing to something (Part 2)

When we finished first part of our blog on restoration of this Nissan 370z, the car was just after primed stage and there was still lots of work needed doing. For example, the carbon fibre bonnet that we purchased from a foreign supplier did not fit. It didn’t have the right curvature, it was too […]

Range Rover Sport body work revitalisation

This particular Range Rover Sport you may have seen from our previous blog post, where we have had installed RT style fibreglass front and rear lips. That time we advices the owner on few bits that were really spoiling the look of his car. This included a nasty fracture in metal of front door, badly […]

BMW X5 colour coding, wheels refurb & window tinting

As with most cars on the market, BMW x5 comes in a variety of specifications and trims. This is sometimes due to the fact of different consumer taste but mainly for the capacity of manufacturers to earn higher margins when selling all extra advantages of higher spec models. The black x5 that came to RT-Performance […]

Porsche 996 side repair

This body repair on a Porsche 996 was a good example of in-out respray that had to be done in under two days. The owner didn’t judge the width of a pass, which resulted in a visit to RT Performance body shop. First off our prepper has removed the paint around the damaged are to […]