Accident Repair Centre and your car

We all hate when something wrong happens to our cars, from small dents and scratches to more serious accidents. Whether it is your fault or not, it is always unpleasant circumstance and normally ends up being a stressful process. If you choose for your car to be repaired by insurance recommended accident repair centre, most […]

370z – From nothing to something (Part 2)

When we finished first part of our blog on restoration of this Nissan 370z, the car was just after primed stage and there was still lots of work needed doing. For example, the carbon fibre bonnet that we purchased from a foreign supplier did not fit. It didn’t have the right curvature, it was too […]

370z – From nothing to something (Part 1)

Some of our followers would know how much we like a challenge of taking a damaged car, restore it and then customize it. This is what RT Performance Auto Centre is all about, a variety of car related opportunities, skills and ideas presented and implemented to a vehicle. Our last Nissan-themed write-up “From Nothing to […]

Nissan Juke Dent Damage Repair

This repair job is a clear example of what general road use can do to a car. This Nissan Juke has covered only 600 miles from new but it already became a victim of stone chip damage. Whilst driving on a motorway, two stones hit the roof and side pillar, leaving very noticeable dents. The […]

Nissan 350z arch rolling and Amuse bumper

We received an email from another 350z owner willing to customize his car before a trip to Nurburgring. This time it was a better looking front end and rolled arches. We definitely advised to fit our own remake of Amuse style front bumper. This part is made of high quality 3 ply fibreglass and fits […]