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Nissan 350z arch rolling and Amuse bumper -

We received an email from another 350z owner willing to customize his car before a trip to Nurburgring. This time it was a better looking front end and rolled arches. We definitely advised to fit our own remake of Amuse style front bumper. This part is made of high quality 3 ply fibreglass and fits to a 350z like a dream. Having said that’, even best fitting aftermarket fibreglass parts require some attention for perfect fitment. RT Performance prep staff is skilful in this area and had the bumper put on and prepped in no time. Once prepped, they then rubbed down primer, smoothing the surface for spraying.

Whilst the front bumper went into the spraying oven to be sprayed and lacquered, we examined rear arches. Aftermarket alloy wheels had a low offset figure and stuck out quite a bit. This means that under hard turning on lowered suspension the tyre can rub against the edge of the line. RT guys then removed rear wheels and assembled an arch rolling machine onto a hub. In smooth and careful half-circle motions the arch line was rolled. Doing in carelessly can cause an expensive repair when the whole rear quarter must be re-sprayed.

Once the wheels went back on and bumper has come out of the spaying oven, we have measured, cut to size and installed bumper mesh onto the front bumper. At RT-Performance we use only high quality powder-coated aluminium mesh for all our body kit installations.

With the bumper on the 350z definitely got a face lift and with rolled arches it could corner harder on Nurburgring.

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