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Nissan 370z Front Lip Bumper -

The owner of this Nissan 370z contacted us to fabricate a custom front bumper. We have purchased a carbon fibre front bumper lip for 370z and had it imported from Japan. Once arrived, the next thing to do was to have it permanently moulded onto the front bumper. We have used a special mix that we normally use for fibreglass fabrications. The idea was to colour match the lip and bumper, which in turn made it a completely different bumper! The front indentation from the Nissan badge has been filled together with all joining gaps between the lip and a bumper.

RT Performance also has planned to fit N1-Spec side skirts to give the car more aggressive look. These we are producing at our facility so we knew the fitment was outstanding. Next task was to prepare the bumper and skirts for the priming process. This involved filling all imperfections and achieving perfect shape. Once filler work is done, front bumper and side skirts were primed. We normally give 24 hours for the primer to dry. Once dry, primer had to be rubbed down and panels prepared for spraying.

We have had the colour matched for this Nissan 370z to ensure end result looks like it should from the factory. Final coat of the process is clear coat but for the front bumper we used some satin lacquer, to achieve more aggressive look at the front.

When removing front bumper, it is important not to unplug the crash sensors but to unbolt them. Otherwise, the error code will show up on the screen. Newly customized front bumper went on with a smile, so did the side skirts. Car was starting to look impressive! To finish off this small RT Performance customization, we have fitted a rear bumper Fujimura style diffuser. This product is also made by RT-Performance and is of A-grade carbon fibre quality.

All these minor modification were worth the effort and the Nissan 370z has received a new, aggressive look it deserved.

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