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This example of 350z came to us pretty much in standard condition, with only aftermarket part being a titanium exhaust (which sounds amazing by the way). The car was crying out for a tasteful makeover by RT Performance London body shop. The owner of this 350z has purchase a complete original NISMO bodykit. This body kit consisted of fibreglass front bumper, side skirts, rear corner spars and spoiler. Our West London car bodyshop had a task spray and fit this body kit.

First job was to inspect the body kit for any damage or cracks in the fibreglass. Side skirts has few areas that required some filler work. We also had to fill in the badge indentation on a front Nismo bumper. De-badging is a popular modification and we thought it would suit the whole slick and simple styling we are trying to achieve with this 350z. Next in line was to test fit the bodykit and drill all necessary fixing holes in fibreglass body panels. Nismo spoiler required two new fixing holes to be drilled. It helps doing this type of work prior to spraying to avoid risk of damage.

Once all parts of this Nismo body kit have been sanded down, we had to identify the usual indentations in the fibreglass and fill them. These are rarely visible to a naked eye and are part of manufacturing flaws of most fiberglass car body kits. All filler work must be sanded down and that is important foundation for overall finish. Priming is next. Sometimes priming twice is necessary to achieve smoothness but we were happy with how the filler work turned out so second priming was not required. There has been some damage to the boot lid on this car and we have prepped the boot area for spraying too. Nismo spoiler is fixed on a different trunk lid area so requirement was to correct the exposed paintwork. Once primer has been sanded to a needed degree and RT Performance body shop guys are happy with overall smoothness, the car can go into a spray booth for paint and lacquer application. Spraying of body kit occurred off the vehicle’s body because fresh paint should cover all areas of new body parts.

Once all parts have dried up, they are carefully placed on a car and fixed where needed. Car started to look amazing and once the polishing has been done we realized the cool and styling look was achieved. To complement fresh kit, we have also powder-coated OEM RAY’s alloy wheels in gloss black and sprayed door handles in matching gloss black. Small detailing makes huge difference but you can see that for yourself.

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