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Body Kits

Kit fitting, supply and repairs

RT performance can proudly claim to be one of UK’s most experienced and qualified installers of aftermarket car body kits. We can make any aftermarket body kit look like it has been fitted by the manufacturer from the factory.

We have operated a fibreglass and carbon fibre production facility in the UK since 2009. This enabled us to better understand qualities of these materials and how to work with them during installation.

If a part of your auto body kit needs to be repaired or amended for perfect fitment, our skilled fabricators will carry out all necessary work to achieve that.

Our aim is to ensure every customer is pleased once their car body kit is fitted.

For most types of body kits, wide arch kits, bumpers, diffuser, spoilers, lips or side skirts we offer:

  • Installation
  • Alignment
  • Repair
  • Modification
  • Preparation and spraying
  • Production

The exact methods we use to install fibre glass body kits are proprietary knowledge of RT performance. However,
please feel free to contact us with any enquiry related to their installation.


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