Accident Repair Centre and your car

We all hate when something wrong happens to our cars, from small dents and scratches to more serious accidents. Whether it is your fault or not, it is always unpleasant circumstance and normally ends up being a stressful process. If you choose for your car to be repaired by insurance recommended accident repair centre, most […]

Supercharged Toyota Celica – bodykit fitting and spray job

RT-Performance installed this Toyota Sprint Series (TSS) 600+ bhp supercharged Celica with an aftermarket bodykit, which included polyurethane front lip, fibreglass side skirts and fibreglass rear bumper. Side skirts required a lot of work to be done for perfect fit. We had to add more layers of fibreglass to remove gaps. The bodykit was finished […]

ST205 Celica GT4 – custom carbon fibre bodykit installation and respray

This World Rally Championship (WRC) model of Toyota Celica GT4 is the “Mona Lisa” of RT-Performance bodyshop. It’s been fitted with a custom made 100% real carbon fibre body kit, manufactured by RT Performance. Kit consists of carbon fibre front lip, side skirts and rear spats. Other carbon fibre parts installed on this car are: […]

Toyota Altezza – full white carbon fibre wrap

Here we have a very rare, sporty JDM saloon car. Altezza’s are like special Lexus IS200, so we’ve decided to make it even more special by giving it a new look with white carbon fibre wrap. This Altezza came to us on a trailer. It’s been parked for over two years and had moss growing […]