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Toyota Altezza - full white carbon fibre wrap -

Here we have a very rare, sporty JDM saloon car. Altezza’s are like special Lexus IS200, so we’ve decided to make it even more special by giving it a new look with white carbon fibre wrap. This Altezza came to us on a trailer. It’s been parked for over two years and had moss growing over its pearl white paintwork.

We have carried our extensive service first by changing: engine oil and filter, gearbox oil, rear diff oil, radiator coolant, brake fluid. We also replaced MAF sensor, fuel filter and juiced its performance by fitting TRD performance panel filter, Iridium spark plugs, TRD Performance exhaust, set of TRD shock absorbers with lowering springs and CUSCO 3 point front strut brace… Nice!

As with any car wrap job, we start off by stripping the car to a needed degree. This gives us ability for detailed cleaning and flawless car wrap. Although this car has had layers of matured dirt on it, our three stage cleaning process by Hexis did its job. Since the car was over ten years old there were rusty areas that our bodyshop has treated and corrected prior to the car wrap.

We started off with wrapping a roof, which we decided to wrap in black carbon fibre vinyl. Black roof complements tinted windows and black grills.

Door handles and jet washers were also wrapped in white carbon fibre vinyl. We have removed door moulding, wrapped them separate and then re-attached them to the Altezza. RT-Performance wrappers spend extra time on perfecting small details. For instance fuel caps are being wrapped using a different piece of vinyl so there is enough vinyl overlapping inside of the gaps, which in turn prevents from original paintwork showing past vinyl wrapped area.

The end result was stunning. Car looked clean, stylish and new. Next job on the Altezza would be refurbishing and powdercoating alloy wheels.

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