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BMW 645 convertible – customizing -

The first time we saw this 6 series through the doors of RT-Performance bodyshop we knew it was a car with potential! After discussing various customization options, it was agreed to go through the subtle and yet aggressive “black & white” transformation. Matt white sample stood out just right from our Hexis vinyl wrapping chart and we thought it would look even better with elements of black carbon fibre effect vinyl wrapped on the 645i.

We started off with thorough cleaning of vehicle’s paintwork, as we always do, to ensure successful wrap. We closely follow manufacturer’s procedures to vehicle graphics and vinyl wrap car installations. This allows us to give our clients 5 years manufacturing guarantee, which comes directly from Hexis.

Being a fully functioning bodyshop, RT-Performance crew can correct any paint imperfections along the way. We strip needed parts off a vehicle to ensure vinyl wrapping process is smooth and delivers flawless results. Sometimes dirt gets trapped in-between vehicle body panels and if left unattended will cause contamination to car vinyl wrap process. Car vinyl produces static electricity that attracts dirt, therefore surfaces should be carefully prepared for car wrap. We then leave vehicle overnight for the cleaning fluid remains to de-gas fully.

When vinyl wrapping this 6 series BMW we had to take extra caution because it has had a poor spray job done previously. Weak paint lacquer can flake off and ruin vinyl wrapped panel.

As we applied matt white vinyl onto this BMW, we saw the car transform just as planned. At RT-Performance we never wrap all body panels using a single large sheet of car wrapping vinyl. Instead, we wrap one panel at a time. This ensures each body panel has plenty of vinyl to cover every edge and does not show vehicle’s original colour. This particular BMW being a convertible, meant we had to cut the matt white vinyl along the edge of plastic roof cover, leaving straight and smooth line – a cutting skill of its kind!

Windscreen frame and both wing mirrors were wrapped with black carbon fibre vinyl, making the car stand out even more. Lower grille on front bumper was vinyl wrapped in matt black, giving the car that aggressive edge. Excellent carbon fibre and matt black combination! Wrapping such complex shape as front grille is never feasible using a single piece of car vinyl. Assembling partial wraps into one requires some thought and creativity, bearing in mind no vinyl joints should be visible, vinyl must not be over-stretched, etc.

Whilst car’s body was being wrapped in matt white, we started taking interior panels off. Next step involves cleaning the panels and covering old-fashioned walnut effect with black carbon fibre wrap. Vinyl wrapping interior requires precision cutting, patience and skilful application. It is important with carbon fibre wrap to follow the direction of fibre pattern.

Obviously, the most important styling adjustment to any car is alloy wheels. This BMW 645 was upgraded with M6 20” alloys. Since they had few scuffs and curb marks we went for our professional wheel refurbishment in gloss black. The idea was to break up car’s matt look and together with shiny look of tinted windows it worked as planned! To refurbish these alloy wheels we used our comprehensive.

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