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Nissan Juke Dent Damage Repair -

This repair job is a clear example of what general road use can do to a car. This Nissan Juke has covered only 600 miles from new but it already became a victim of stone chip damage. Whilst driving on a motorway, two stones hit the roof and side pillar, leaving very noticeable dents.

The repair process commenced with preparing the damaged areas and filling the dents. Unfortunately, due to having no access the dent could not be straightened. The filler work is important for the end result. Even layers should be applied gradually, leaving enough time for the filler to dry, before the new coat is applied. Once RT prepping staff were happy with the smoothness, filled area and 2 inches extra were covered with primer. Priming is used to fill any micro imperfections in filler work. Once flattened, the car was moved into the spray booth for masking up and preparation.

Finally, the car panels got degreased and RT-Performance sprayer began applying base coat. This is a good example how even the smallest repair requires the complete panel to be re-lacquered. Some bodyshops only choose to do a partial car repair with a blend but this will never produce outstanding results. At RT-Performance body shop we keep our benchmark to retain consistency in quality of work.

When customer came to pick up his car, he could not even spot where the damage was in the first place! That’s what we like to see.

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