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This G Wagon rolled into our London body shop in need of some minor cosmetic repairs. The job spec included removing all AMG mouldings because they were carelessly fitted by a different bodyshop. Once removed, RT Performance guys had to gradually take off old adhesive, ensuring there is no damage to the paintwork.

Next in line was rectifying rust on wheel arches. Rust has to be removed and then damaged metal must be treated with ani-rust solution. This follows by application of epoxy primer, which prevents from any moisture getting to previously rusted metal body panels. On the following day our preparation guys had to do filler and sanding work to treated areas. This day of bodywork preparation ended by spraying primer to repaired body panels. Once primer has dried overnight, it can be rubbed down to ensure smooth area is ready for spraying stage. It is crucial in automotive body work to follow preparation to the smallest detail, as this is basics for perfect spraying finish.

G-Wagon was ready to go into a spray-booth for application of paint and lacquer. To complement freshly sprayed panels we advised the client to give the rest of a car complete rub down with 3000 grid paper and then polish with multi-stage Presta refinishing techniques. Results were close to the look of brand new car.

Then our body shop team had to align and re-apply AMG side mouldings. The owner also requested to wire up face-lift AMG tail lights, which is another task RT Performance bodyshop completed smoothly. This G-Wagon was ready to get back on a road to turn more heads.

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