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Renault Megane Bumper Job -

This Renault Megane Convertible was involved in a slight collision with a bus. The owner brought the car to RT Performance bodyshop for accident repair bodywork. Once again a customer choses RT-Performance crash repair services over much more costly repairs with main dealer.

Lucky for the owner the only part that needed replacing was the front bumper. It has developed cracks after the accident. New bumper that has been ordered from a Renault dealer comes primed and ready for spraying. We had to remove all grilles and fog lights from the old bumper to fit the new part once it’s been sprayed.

The only complication to this quite straightforward car body panel repair was the colour match. Since the car is finished in pearl white, it was important to test spray few time to realize how wet or dry the pearlescent coat should be sprayed. This determined the systematic approach our head sprayer should have followed.

When the freshly sprayed part was dry, our bodyshop team fitted old plastics on it and the part was fitted onto a car. As expected, the car was brought back to new without any trace of a respray or the accident repair.

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