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We got a call from the owner of another 350z looking to make his car more exciting. Few minutes into the conversation he has booked an appointment for consultation. The car already has had some elements of aftermarket bodykit, alloy wheels and carbon fiber wrapped roof. At RT-Performance like presenting both radical and moderate approaches to exterior customization. In this particular case we have agreed to go for a striking wrap in pearlescent white carbon fiber wrapping car vinyl by Hexis. Although this carbon fibre vinyl wrap requires constantly keeping the car in clean condition, the owner liked it too much to disperse the consequence of keeping the car always clean.

As with any vinyl wrapping job the process begins with removal of all obstructing parts and giving all body panels a thorough clean with specially designated solutions developed by Hexis. This is a three stage cleaning process for vinyl wrapping: stage one removes all the grease and tar build up, stage two cleans off the dissolved dirt from stage one and stage three purifies the body panels, leaving them as clean as the can be.

In perfect dust free environment, this would ensure a perfect wrap, free of any contamination from micro dust. It is important to clean all the edges and behind rubber seals where the vinyl would adhere to. This whole pre-wrap process take full day to complete, a stage which is ignored by many vinyl wrapping companies in London and in other countries.

Now the car is ready to be wrapped. Larger areas like bonnet and bumpers are done by few wrappers working cohesively. Nissan 350z has very curvy and sharp shape of body panels, which means RT Performance wrappers should be careful when stretching carbon fibre vinyl. Not only over stretched vinyl is weaker but it can also show signs of ruined pattern. RT Performance vehicle wrappers apply vinyl on each panel individually, not over the whole vehicle and then cutting on the joins. Our approach ensures a better quality wrap. In this instance we had to remove carbon fibre front and rear lips to wrap underneath them. We have also wrapped door handles to match them to the roof. This vinyl wrapping process transformed this 350z into a striking machine, a true head turner.

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