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It is a known fact the car advertising is very effective. Whether it is car or van graphics your vehicle will definitely attract some attention. Large companies like Coca-Cola use van wrapping to promote their products. Current vinyl wrapping job is for Ford Transit van promoting new Fanta drink. Printing custom vinyl is also done on Hexis material. Printed vinyl for car advertising is cast laminated, which makes it more resistant to weather effects.

Once printed, car graphics have to be degassed for 7 days. This drying process is important to avoid complications during vinyl wrapping process.

Vinyl wrapping a van or a car with printed car graphics is more challenging because the image must not be starched or miss-joined. Our printers assist in this by printing van graphics in particular size, thus avoiding most joints through the image. Wrapping this van’s graphics was done in a standard vinyl wrapping fashion – bottom layers before top layers. All going nicely the van was finished and returned to the customer. Another successful example of car advertising by van wrap. Upon the end of marketing campaign, this van’s wrap will be removed.

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