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When our Brunei based customer asked us what would be another alternative to car Resprays of course we mentioned custom colour Resprays. In particular candy colours for those who really want their cars to stand out. A the time of collection this brand new mini from Park Lane dealership it was very standard, with black paint and silver wheels. Since we only had 6 days to complete the job, decision made to introduce the gold candy colour to most part of the car, leaving roof original black. This would mean we have to colour match the wheels in gloss black also.

Since the was virtually brand new, we only had to give it a normal outside wash. Next in line was to bring it indoors and commence removal of all exterior and interior trims to reveal more painted surface. Since this full respray is a colour change, RT body shop guys had to strip all four doors completely, removing locking mechanisms, windows, frames, rubber seals, etc. Main trick here is to label everything and put in correct order for easier assembly. RT Performance staff also removed front and rear bumpers because we always spray them off the car for better paint coverage and better overall results.

All Minis have corrugated plastic on arch trims and on lip spoilers on front and rear bumpers. In order to colour match these, they have to be rubbed down/smoothed first, then covered with specific plastic primer, then normal primer. Which in turn has to be rubbed down. This ensures the surface is smooth. Good prep work means good end finish. At the same time, other RT bodyshop staff flattened the clear coat on the remaining of the car. Because this mini was brand new, the condition of body panels was excellent and no filler work was required. Next the car went into the spray booth for masking up. This takes long time, especially on cars with 4 doors and partial respray.

Once masked up and degreased, the silver base coat must be applied. This is essential when spraying candy colours, it provides a needed base colour for a candy paint coat. Consistency in coats of candy is essential. This ensures same paint effect throughout. Sprayer must be skilled and experienced to delver outstanding results. Finishing off with a clear coat, which is specifically selected for candy colours, it does not interfere with chemicals in candy coat. We repeat the same procedure for the plastic panels and trims as everything does not fit into a spray booth at one time. Next in line was assembly and windows tinting. This is the stage where you begin to appreciate the beauty of the car and its exclusivity. Tinting just completes the look of the new mini Countryman.

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