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Black and Yellow Smart – Alloy Black Wheels & Vinyl Wrap

First time we saw this BRABUS 451 SMART car at our RT-Performance London bodyshop we knew it was perfect for the makeover we had in mind. This SMART was black with panoramic roof and silver alloys. First thing to do was make those alloy wheels black. This meant professionally refurbishment to correct the curb markings […]

BMW 335i M-sport convertible – styling customization

This brand new white 3 series came in to our body shop in standard condition. As with most of our clients, the idea was to customize the looks of this BMW, making it stand out. In this case we advised to create a black/white theme for this BMW. RTP bodyshop guys have started with powdercoating […]

Hemi V8 Chrysler 300 – full body wrap and customization

This 430bhp V8 HEMI sounds mean and we wanted to make it look mean too. There was only one colour for this American muscle car – matt black. We started off by taking its huge 20’s off and giving them to the hands of our powder-coating pro. At RT-Performance centre we like to break colours […]