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Vinyl wrapping & tinting

Window Tinting

RT Performance offers a professional in-house car window tinting service in London using only the best film available, which is developed and supplied by LLumar. Our applicators are trained and certified by LLumar and deliver the best quality results every time.

Window tinting film is beneficial in many ways, which include protection from dangerous UV light and enhanced appearance of any car. LLumar film is known for its quality, colour stability, and scratch-resistant coating.

Together with ordinary style tinting film we can offer specialized windscreen film and protective film, also developed and supplied by LLumar.

Vinyl Car Wrapping

Vinyl car wrapping is a fashionable, cost efficient alternative to paint spraying. Moreover, a car wrap protects your vehicle’s original paint and requires no amendments in a vehicle registration document.

RT Performance is proud to be one of London’s few vinyl wrapping centres that has access to the knowledge and follow on experience of the world’s major vinyl producer – Hexis.

We use Hexis HX20000 or HX30000 vinyl for our full and partial vehicle wraps. This is a multi-layered cast film available in various effects and surface finishes. It contains premium grade pigments for a durable, vibrant colour change. Underneath lays a unique solvent acrylic adhesive layer technology that enables fitters to apply the film with a bubble and crease free finish. Hexis vinyl is durable for up to 10 years.

Our application process is divided into four equally important stages:

  • Disassembly
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Application
  • Assembly

Each stage is carried out professionally and they equally vital parts of the process that should be followed for a long-lasting wrap.

We can offer Hexis wraps in variety of textures and colours.

If you’re in doubt or would like to know more about vehicle wraps, feel free to contact our vinyl wrapping team.


If you feel the need to be creative and different, then speak to us about customised printed vinyl for your car. Whether it’s a camouflage design or race car graphics – we are confident we will be able to transfer your idea onto your car! You can discuss the cost implications of producing your design with our wrapping team.

Wrapping for Motorbikes

Customise your bike with full colour vinyl wrap. Express you individuality through a printed design or exotic colour scheme and receive paintwork protection from stone chips and other signs of road use.
We can offer excellent variety of textured vinyl that would look exquisite on any motorbike, for instance crocodile or snake skin imitation vinyl.

Commercial Vinyl Wrapping

This is your chance to portray your business or brand in the most creative, effective and inexpensive way possible. Commercial vinyl wrapping on vehicles is one of the best ways to advertise your business to a wide scope of consumers.

Whether it is a car, van, truck or bus, custom printed graphics will ensure your vehicle stands out and delivers your message 24/7. This advertising method is most effective for any size businesses from various industries.We certainly use it on our cars and find it extremely effective!

RT-Performance uses only high quality Hexis cast vinyl for printed applications. Combined with our knowledge, experience and attention to detail, we are confident we can guarantee you the highest quality wrap that will last for many years.

As well as printing and application, we also provide brainstorming and bespoke design services to our clients. We believe each client we deal with can benefit from our guidance and expertise in their marketing campaign from the very start, ensuring best results and healthy business relationship.

Printed vinyl wrapping is not damaging to a vehicle’s paintwork and is often considered for short-term marketing campaigns. Vinyl can be changed as often as required.

Car Dipping, UK

As an alternative to wrapping, you can also dip your car at RT Performance. We are London exclusive applicators for automotive specific dip produced by www.cardipuk.com

If you would like to know more please contact our RT Performance management to discuss your marketing ideas.


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